About the project

The idea of the Lighthouse Welcome Center

The Lighthouse Welcome Center was opened in the initial accomodation Bayernkaserne in the north of Munich in December 2014. It is the realization of the basic idea of the three partners Lichterkette e.V., Innere Mission Munich and Ingvild Goetz Philantropy to develop a welcome project for refugees together. For two years the Lighthouse Welcome Center has been refuge for recently arrived refugees, who were registered there and taken care off. They stayed at this place only for a few days to weeks.

More than 100 trained volunteers welcomed newcomers between 8am and 8pm to let them know everything that is of importance, related to the facility, the area, but also the city of Munich (e.g. language courses, medical aid, public transport). Not only is the yellow-white painted booth the first point of contact to the local population for refugees, but interested citizens of Munich also approach it to inquire about news in the reception facility or to see where they can help.

In December 2016, the initial reception facility in the Bayernkaserne was closed and the Lighthouse Welcome Center moved within the premises.


The Lighthouse Welcome Center from 2017 on

Since May 2017, the Lighthouse Welcome Center has been at its new location in the Bayernkaserne behind the entrance Heidemannstr. 50 and has proved itself as a place to go for refugees who live there in the decentralized accommodations of Munich city. Most of the residents already speak some German and participate in courses, do apprenticeships or have a job and thus need other information than newcomers. Therefore the Lighthouse volunteers have longer and more intensive conversations, practice German conversation with with the inhabitants, play games in order to practice the language, look for suitable courses, leisure or sport facilities for them or simply help them to become better orientated in Munich.

After three years of existence, accompanied by wide-spread media attention, the project acts as a reference to the city as well as the federal state, cooperates with educational and cultural institutions and receives donations (in kind and monetary) by companies.


For further information or inquiries, please contact:

Nicole Flach (project coordinator)


Tel. 0172 84 22 520